Make An Application

Discretionary grants must be for the benefit of the inhabitants of the ‘Town of Warwick’. This is broadly the CV34 postcode area, but more details are set out in the Grant Guidelines. The guidelines also sets out purposes for which grants can be made for, who can apply and conditions.

There are 4 grants meetings each year and the application deadlines through to the end of 2024 are:

We recommend you get applications in well before the deadline as this will allow us to provide advice on how best to present an application or for us to ask for additional information that may be required to fully consider the application. If you have any questions please call us on 01926 495533.

There are links to 3 grant application forms below, which depend on whether the application is for the benefit of an individual, an organisation or a school.

The annual accounts list the main grant recipients each year. The last three years’ accounts can be seen here. A list of some past grants can be seen here.