Grant Guidelines

1.       The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick (“the Trust”) makes grants from the Town’s Share of its income to help the community in the Old Borough of Warwick (“the Town”).


2.       There are a number of constraints on the Trust’s ability to make grants

2.1       Area

Grants are only available for the benefit of persons and for purposes within the boundaries of the Old Borough of Warwick. This is mostly the CV34 postcode district but there are exceptions – see section on ‘Area’ at bottom of page. If in doubt ask the Clerk.

The Trust has no power to make grants for persons or projects outside this area.

2.2       Purposes

The Trust can make grants for the following purposes if for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Town:

2.3       The Trust has no powers to make grants for projects for which central or local government has a financial responsibility. This includes activities that are the responsibility of the Local Authority.


3. Who can apply?

3.1       Individuals resident in the Town or Officers of organisations within the Town for the benefit of inhabitants of the Town.

3.2      In the case of educational projects being provided by organisations for the Town LA Schools, the Trust requires that applications for grants shall be submitted by the recipient schools, and not by the provider of the educational projects.


4. How much can I apply for?

In general terms there is no limit to the amount that can be requested by any individual grant application. However, the overall Trust’s funds are limited and the Trust, in endeavouring to ensure that funding is fairly spread across all areas, does limit the amount paid on each award.

There are some guidelines that may be followed. These are not fixed rules, nor are they an exhaustive list.

Applicants should know that the Trust generally expects applicants to show the full cost of each project and the amount of the applicant’s contribution and, where relevant, the period over which the intended project will extend.

Applicants will normally be expected to show that they have made efforts to raise funds from their own resources or other organisations/charities before applying to the Trust.

Where the Trust believes that there are more suitable charities within the Town to assess applications it will either forward the application directly to another charity or recommend that the applicant approaches them directly. Young people under 24 years old applying for support at university or college will be referred directly to the Warwick Apprenticing Charities  (c/o Moore & Tibbits, 34 High Street, Warwick, CV34 4BE)


5. How often can I apply?

There is no limit to the number of projects that maybe applied for (except for privately owned historic property) but the Trust will normally make only one grant per project.

The Trust does not normally provide grants to meet regular annual revenue expenditure but it is prepared to consider assisting the start-up of a project by providing instalment funding for a period not exceeding three years.


6. When should I apply?

You must apply before the project is started as the Trust does not make retrospective grants. Applications should be made as early as possible to allow the circumstances of your application to be fully established.

The Trust gives consideration to applications on a quarterly basis, March, June, September and November. Deadlines for receiving grant applications are on the ‘Make an Application’ page.  However, the Town LA Schools should make annual applications only which will be considered at the June meeting. Applications from counselling and care organisations should be made to the March meeting.

Decisions are normally communicated to applicants within a week of the relevant meeting, except with large amounts which may require longer consideration or further approval at a full meeting of Trustees.

In the case of an emergency, applications may be fast-tracked. Please make this clear on the application.


7. To whom should I apply?

Application forms are available on the website ( or from the Clerk & Receiver at 12 High Street, Warwick, CV34 4AP or telephone 01926-495533 or email

Completed forms, along with any supporting information, should be sent to the Clerk and Receiver at the above address.


8. Information required with applications

The application form sets out the information required. Please ensure that you do clearly identify the actual amount of the grant requested.

With Clubs, Schools etc., the Trust will require to see evidence of the financial stability and existing resources.  This can most easily be provided by supplying copies of the most recent audited accounts and the current and future budgets.  If members, pupils, etc are not all from the Old Borough of Warwick please provide details of the proportion that are.

All applications to other organisations for grants must also be disclosed.

Trustees may request further evidence to support an application that shows there is a real financial need.

If you have any questions related to your application the Clerk will be happy to help you.

You should expect that the Clerk will contact you to ask questions about your application. This is done to ensure that the application is clearly understood. The Clerk may request further information.


9. Does the Trust impose conditions in connection with any grant?

The Trust funds are limited and are affected by economic circumstances.  Grant applications are normally about three times the level of funds available, so many applicants will be disappointed. Grants always remain solely at the discretion of the Trustees.

Grants are normally paid on the production of receipted invoices.

The Trust reserves the right to place conditions on any grant that it offers.

Grants must be claimed and the project completed within two years of being awarded. If this is not possible, the Clerk should be informed.  Otherwise the grant will lapse.

Where appropriate, the Trust may impose a condition requiring public recognition.


10. Trust’s power to refuse

Whilst the Trustees will consider every proper application they are not bound to make a grant nor are they under any obligation to give reasons for refusing to make a grant in any case or for declining any application in part or whole.

The decision of the Trustees is final.




The Old Borough of Warwick was originally made up of the 4 parishes of St Mary, St Nicholas, St Michael and St Paul.  Subsequently the Charity Commission has agreed an additional area of benefit (outside the Old Borough) to cover the whole of Warwick Gates. This additional area is bordered by Tachbrook Road to the east, Heathcote Lane to the north and Harbury Lane.

This area is very broadly covered by the CV34 post code area but there are some exceptions:


Not in CV34 but in Warwick (i.e. eligible for grants)

Woodloes Farm, Woodloes Lane, Guy’s Cliffe CV35 7RE

Leasowes Farm, Hampton Road CV35 8HA

Stanks Farm, Hampton Magna CV35 8RH

Medley Grove, (off Tachbrook Road) CV31 2GA

The Moorings, Myton Road CV31

Myton Croft (off Myton Road) CV31

Leam Road (off Myton Road) CV31


In CV34 but not in Warwick (i.e. not eligible for grants)

The Asps, Banbury Road  CV34 6SS

Park Farm, Banbury Road  CV34 6ST

New House Farm, Banbury Road  CV34 6SU

The Old Grange, Banbury Road CV34 6SU

Tithe Barn, Banbury Road CV34 6SU

Greys Mallory, Banbury Road CV34 6SX

Spinney Hill Farm, Banbury Road CV34 6SX

The Hunting Lodge (also called Spiers Lodge) CV34 6SZ

1 – 3 Barford Wood (formerly Barford Sheds) CV34 6SZ

Saxon Mill, Coventry Road CV34 5YN

Heron House, Coventry Road CV34 5YD