WCS Care, Woodside Care Village

Woodside Care Village in Warwick is a care home that’s designed as a village to give its residents the opportunity to contribute to their community as little, or as much, as they want to. Residents live in small households, which are designed and decorated around different lifestyles, with people who share similar interests, backgrounds and care needs.  WCS Care’s approach is to provide residents with a life that feels familiar, with opportunities to keep doing the things they enjoy and try new things.


Spending time outside is a normal part of life, however, for people living in care homes, access to the outdoors can sometimes be limited.  At Woodside Care Village, there are lots of reasons to get outside, enjoy some exercise and experience different weather and seasons – from visiting the onsite shop to spending time in the garden.


The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust supported the development of the home’s outdoor space by providing a grant to fund the installation of a bike track for a side-by-side bike, and the purchase of four pieces of outdoor exercise equipment – both of which offer residents an opportunity to have fun whilst also reaping the benefits of gentle exercise, fresh air and sunshine.


And indoors, the Trust supported the purchase of Alexas for every household and subscriptions to Amazon Music, which will provide residents with access to millions of songs and music for over two years.  Music has the power to invoke memories, and create moments of interaction and reminiscence.  The Alexas, with screens, allow residents to access any music they enjoy quickly and easily – and staff can often join in as the words appear on the screens – so they can play the music that is important to them.


Music and being outdoors are two things that people experience every day in their lives – and at Woodside Care Village this is no different.  WCS Care would like to thank the King Henry VIII Endowed Trust’s contribution to making every day well lived at the home.


A grant of £14,800 was awarded by The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick.

[The picture is of Trustees from local Warwick Charities who have supported WCS Care’s various projects]