Michael Peachey becomes Chairman

Following his term as Chairman, Rupert Griffiths has stepped down and Michael Peachey (on a visit to Europa Way development in the photograph below) has taken on the role. Michael thanked Rupert for his time and effort as Chairman.

Michael is a Chartered Surveyor and lives in Warwick. He has been a Trustee since 2012 and also chairs the Europa Way Consortium, where the charity along with 2 other landowners has worked hard for a number of years to bring land forward for residential development. The proceeds from which will make a significant difference to the charity’s distributions to beneficiaries.

The challenge ahead is to sell the final and largest parcel of residential land. Once the proceeds from this, other sales from the site and the sale of other land at Hampton Magna have all been received the next challenge will be invest the funds in a suitable portfolio to generate the returns that the Trust can then distribute to its beneficiaries.