Prison! Me! No Way!

The whole day at Aylesford School was a great success with students still talking about the experiences they had during the event.


It has made some students think about their career path and made them question their decisions both in and out of school.


There were 6 separate sessions that students took part in during the day, all with their own benefits and influence on the students.


The session on Prison life was very hard-hitting and extremely valuable for the students.  All students were attentive and engaged throughout, all wanting to know more.


Court setting workshop was a great opportunity for students to get involved with a realistic court setting.  It boosted their confidence having to debate and speak out about their opinion on a serious topic.


In the Police discussion the students did not want to leave and wanted to find out more from it.  Some students are now set on a career in the police force after this engaging session.

The Street Scene had a great use of humour to put an important message across to the students.  It got them engaged and practically involved from the outset.


The Fire workshop was very valuable.  It got students thinking about peer pressure and how blame is shared.  Students were able to voice their opinion and they really got involved in answering the questions.


The Red Cross workshop was again very valuable and informative.  Students were engaged throughout and were able to have some practical experience at basic first aid.  Overall the day was a huge success and one that will hopefully be running next year.


Rest assured it is a most invaluable experience for all the students.


Sincere thanks to The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick for their generous support in enabling this event to take place.


A Prison! Me! No Way! event was also held at Myton School on 8th March 2018,  again supported by The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust.