Time Travellers Summer Holiday Club by Heritage and Culture Warwickshire

A grant of £3,106 was awarded to enable Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW) to successfully run a week-long summer holiday activity programme called ‘Time Travellers’ which was based at St. John’s Museum, Warwick, for nineteen 6 to 12 year olds from the schools in Warwick who considered would most benefit from this experience.

Time Travellers provided exciting activities based around HCW’S heritage collections whilst also delivering quality child care for parents and carers.  Time Travellers also explored the archive collections held at the nearby County Record Office and objects from the museum stores that are not normally on display, together with access to some of the museum and archive experts to help them interpret the collections.  Time was spent each day on exploring different collections, creating work (such as a piece of art) inspired by the collections, and working towards an exhibition case which is currently on display at Market Hall Museum, an animation film was shown during the celebration event at the end of the project and a blog that the children wrote for the HCW run community website: Our Warwickshire.  Most importantly, the activities were fun and involving and suitable for a group of up to 20 children of mixed abilities, ages and learning styles.

Developing and delivering the activities allowed the children to have fun, a chance to make new friends, a sense of achievement and a sense of pride in their work by creating a celebration event at the end of the week where HCW handed out certificates.