‘In the Ballroom’ Social Group

In the Ballroom is a monthly social gathering with tea, cakes and talks organised by Warwick Town Council and Unlocking Warwick, supported by Big Lottery ‘Awards for All’ and The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust (grant of £2,300), and is hosted at the Jury Street Court House, Warwick.

Starting in October 2016 ‘In the Ballroom’ has since become a monthly tradition, now being attended by a number of local residents.  As well as preventing residents to become lonely and isolated, it also allows the local community to get involved and mark special occasions throughout the year.

Tea Dances have also been running on a monthly basis and now attracts up to 20 people per session.  Dance partners are not required for this event, and therefore many of the attendees arrive on their own and socialise with new people.

Having a variety of enjoyable, informative and social events is something to look forward to and is a good way to meet new people with the additional bonus of a nice cup of tea and cake.